November 2013 marked our fifth birthday so we felt it was high time to take a step back and share our thoughts on what we have learned so far. As we do at Threshold, we didn’t just want to talk about things, we wanted to get people trying something new as well. Therefore, we hosted our inaugural Threshold breakfast on the Tideway at Hammersmith.

Having listened to the challenges for our clients and key companies, we decided to focus on how people can deliver tangible value from a corporate social responsibility programme in the current economic climate. We are passionate about how Threshold can make a positive impact in society and we looked at what tools could support employers who wanted to encourage and nurture physical activity in their workforce while hitting key business objectives.

The highlights included;

  • Two of the founders Mack and James Cracknell talking about what inspired them to set up a business in the middle of the biggest recession in living memory.
  • James explaining our mantra of ‘More Is In You’ and how people can smash through glass ceilings, by taking small steps with clear end goals (like Olympic gold medals!)
  • Mack, focussing on the barriers to physical activity that lead to institutional inertia rather than action.
  • Threshold’s understanding of the self-esteem business and it’s pivotal role in happy productive employees.
  • Threshold’s philosophy of how a central company event can deliver a myriad of commercially rooted business objectives with far more impact than siloed projects.
  • An in depth Deloitte Ride Across Britain case study with Clare Bench from Deloitte explaining why it has delivered so well for them, and Tim Hollingsworth, CEO of the British Paralympic Association, explaining how they have benefited from the event.

Then when all the hard work was out the way we got everyone out on the water for a chance to row coached by James Cracknell and London and Beijing Olympic medallist Alex Partridge.