It’s funny where inspiration comes from isn’t it? Today, as I drove to Cornwall to pick up my son’s first surfboard (his face will be a picture), I tuned in to Radio 5 to hear Eddie Izzard. He was extolling the virtues of healthy eating along with his intent to get the most out of his time on the planet (‘one life, live it’) and run for Major of London in a few years. He theorized that humans respond very well to the idea of ‘little missions’ whether it’s 43 consecutive marathons, the longest ever comedy roadshow (sometimes in German) or a 5k run at the weekend.

Threshold’s ‘little mission’ is about creating original endurance challenges for people of all shapes and sizes. More Is In You is a universal, supportive, ever so slightly provocative mantra. I think Eddie would approve. As 2013 comes to a close, I’m beginning to feel we really have made a difference to the 15,000 people that have trusted us enough to come and do a Threshold event since we started around the kitchen table in 2008.

As I’m finding out again (I‘ve signed up to a Sport Relief triathlon in March and a trek across Lapland in August), having your own little mission gives you the kick you need to get out and exercise regularly. If we have provoked that in our customers even to a small extent it makes me very happy. As do those good people at Carphone Warehouse who have secured the future of Race to the Stones by becoming title sponsors and getting their people out walking and fund raising – thank you.

As a 71 year old fellow member of Taunton Virgin Active observed to me as she lapped me in the slow lane of the pool: ‘These challengey things give you space and time to think, talk, look at the world properly, get healthy and be away from the blasted cult of the electronic screen’

Margaret, despite drawing a comparison between my swim technique and a giraffe drowning in jelly, I couldn’t agree with you more.

So to all of you out there, and to my constantly inspirational team at the ranch thank you for everything this year and have a very merry Christmas.