Green Hotelier spoke to Threshold founder Julian Mack about how businesses can engage with employees, stakeholders and consumers through the simplicity of a cycle ride.

Creating so called ‘engagement’ is a tough business. Employee engagement as a term is up there in ugliness alongside ‘ecosystems’ and ‘stakeholders’ but its growing importance is undeniable as the next generation decides to which organizations they’ll devote themselves.

The Deloitte Ride Across Britain (RAB) is widely recognised as the UK’s premier long distance cycling event. Every year, the Ride takes a 1,000 cyclists from Lands End to John O’Groats, covering 960 miles in just nine days. It’s not obvious, however, why one of the world’s most respected professional services firms would choose to sponsor RAB.

The answer lies in using the ride to capture a number of ‘emotional engagement’ objectives under one roof. These objectives include sincere promotion of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, fund raising for their nominated charity, unifying their employees in a challenge that takes months of physical preparation, organization and resilience (transferable work attributes) and providing an excuse to get to know clients in a totally different, ‘breathless’ environment – the very opposite of the rather tired, traditional corporate hospitality box.

The results from this ride have been impressive for Deloitte. To understand exactly how they have achieved such extraordinary outcomes from investing in their employees, you can read full article by the Green Hotelier here.