While Wimbledon and Ascot are cornerstones of a great English summer, getting to know your clients better is moving from comfy seat and sandwiches to a bike seat and a shared challenge. It doesn’t just have to be cycling either, zeitgeist though it is. Last week Threshold put on a full day of outdoor activities from paddle boarding to wood carving for BUPA employees and clients with the aim of fostering closer relationships between their sales team and key intermediaries.

Client entertainment is just one of the reasons that companies ask us to put on events that get their people away from their screens and physically active. Others have come to us wanting a once-in-a-lifetime reward for a high performing team, or have asked for a more practical conference format that gives the leadership team the opportunity to work together away from their desks. We also create challenges with the explicit aim of raising money for corporate charity partners, such as the fantastic Deutsche ride that 160 employees from Deutsche Bank completed just yesterday with the aim of raising over £300k for their charities of the year.

And it’s not just during summer that we get people out and about. While February might not be the ideal time for re-creating the first three stages of the Tour de France (as we did for Deutsche Bank), it is the perfect time to send your sales team snow-shoeing in the Arctic Circle. An overnight marathon trek is chilly in November, but it is the perfect time to get your leadership team walking in Morocco with space to think about the challenges of the coming year. And December is, of course, the perfect time for an alternative Christmas Party – a party in which hiking boots and log fires take precedence over too many jägerbombs and tequila slammers.