“It is by addressing the unknown that true learning happens”. These are the elegant words of Tony Little, Head Master of Eton College, which I’ll be using in my welcome to 800 adventurous souls in Land’s End as they embark on the ride of a lifetime.

The Deloitte Ride Across Britain has become the definitive UK cycling event over the last five years. The Deloitte RAB shirt has been worn by just under 4,000 riders riding 3.5 million miles to raise almost exactly a pound a mile. Many of these have been corporate cycle teams ranging from 5 to 205 in size. It’s a massive undertaking with 969 miles to cover in 9 days and regardless of this continued growth, the first day nerves and anxiety for riders and crew do not lessen each year.

Threshold’s mission is to create extraordinary events with extraordinary outcomes. After years of evangelizing the benefits of these events to fundraising, health and well-being and giving organizations a sense of purpose, it looks as if, heading into our busiest ever month, the message has landed with the corporate world.

However, not everyone is taking on almost 1,000 miles of cycling. In the space of the next 30 days we’ll also stage several country-wide corporate cycling challenges for the likes of RBS, a corporate triathlon for 600 Vodafone employees and a multi-tower run and abseil (as you do) for Stand up to Cancer. The pay off for us is not just getting more and more people signing up to these corporate challenges, but to see the emotional impact they can have on the participants. As sure as eggs are eggs there are going to be a few tears crossing the finish line in John O’Groats from both riders and crew.

To the 4,000 people who will get out of breath with us in the next 30 days and the companies who have invested in their employees, I congratulate you for embracing More Is In You™. All of you have made sacrifices to get to the start line, but we will be there doing everything in our power to get you to the finish line and it will be worth it – Tony would be pleased.

Julian Mack

CEO and founder of Threshold Sports (and proud Deloitte RAB finisher 2012)