At Threshold, we believe companies that contribute to society and look after their employees will be the ones to prosper. They’ll attract better talent, engender more customer loyalty and profit from word of mouth recommendation – the best marketing tool of all.

As of this week, VW’s reputation lies in tatters. It’s a reminder that substance is everything. Anyone can stand on stage in front of thousands of people and say anything  – the real stuff that matters is what goes on when no one is looking.

We create events that provide a platform to contribute to society. Many are bespoke and are for clients and employees only, but many are also public. Long term partnerships with a high profile, high quality event can immediately make you stand out from all the talkers. Deloitte swear by their Ride Across Britain as a sponsorship asset. In its seventh year with over 2,000 clients engaged and £1.4 million raised for British Paralympic Association, their partners and employees will tell you it’s one of the things they are most proud of; a reputation enhancer with clients, a reason to believe in the organisation for employees, a thing of real substance. They get value from it from the graduate recruitment stage through to engaging their most valuable clients.

Our latest public event is now on sale. Race to the King is a double marathon along the stunning south Downs way. Participants will walk, jog and run their way to the exclusive finish line on the steps of Winchester Cathedral. We are proud to already have a great charity on board in Save the Children  and the canvas is there for a title sponsor to step up and show they are doing something of substance. It’s a tough but doable 2 day challenge that can unify your organisation and clients in a common cause that can, if you wish, also raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for your company charity of the year.

If you’d like to find out how sponsorship can work for your company then please get in touch. In the meantime have a look at how Dixons Carphone have used their title sponsorship of Race to the Stones to great effect with their Average to Awesome programme.

Julian Mack, Founder Threshold Sports. E-mail