We at Threshold feel we wouldn’t be doing ourselves justice if we didn’t practice what we preach…


That’s why every day at 4pm, we grab 15 minutes to do some light exercise in whichever space we can find. But you shouldn’t have to be in the sports industry to be active at work.

We spend most of our working hours at a desk, so know all too well about the bad habits you can easily slip in to. The most common is having the good intentions to introduce such a thing, but it tailing off in your busy months, where time – quite frankly, is all too precious. 

But what’s 15 minutes in an 8 hour day? It’s just 3%, to be exact. 

By you and your colleagues dedicating just 3% of your working day to group exercise, you can transform your workplace. Leotards aren’t necessary (and perhaps not recommended), and we promise it’s doable. We’re the proof, but don’t just take our word for it.

We had a read through Virgin Pulse’s ‘Minds at Work’ and the results are overwhelming. Do you want to know how to avoid that post lunchtime lull, without making your third cup of coffee?

It’s exercise that increases the production of chemicals in your blood, which improve memory, attention and problem solving. It’s exercise that improves your tolerance and results in less tempers being lost. And it’s exercise with your colleagues that means you all achieve this together.

As easy as it sounds, we appreciate it isn’t straight forward. It requires commitment, and the first step is putting that 15 minute reoccurring block in your calendar. Circuits, yoga or even a brisk walk. It all contributes to improving your health, wellbeing and productivity.

And it’s not just the short bursts. Instilling a culture begins with small changes, but results in a large movement. One minute you’re exercising in a corner, the next thing you’re cycling the length of Britain together, or trekking 100km for charity. As experts in workplace wellbeing and employee engagement, we see first-hand the transformation a company can make. 

94%* of people felt greater pride at where they worked, following their company’s involvement on one of our flagship events. It’s that experience of teamwork outside of the workplace that can’t quite be matched. New and stronger relationships are formed, character traits come to the fore and a person’s determination to succeed is truly put to the test.

Whether you’re a Chief Executive or Graduate, what can you do to make your workplace a healthier and happier one? Let us know if you’re thinking of making a change, and we can help. Or, if you’re already on the bandwagon, tweet us a picture at @ThresholdUK of your staff in action, with the hashtag #WorkWorkOuts. It’s time to get moving.

*Survey results from Deloitte Ride Across Britain 2016