Put your product samples in front of thousands for free

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In 2018, we’ll see 10,000 participants don their walking boots, running shoes and cycling gear on five huge Threshold events. All with one aim – to reach the finish line, with nearly £3m raised for UK charities in the process.

To help them do it, we’ll have regular pit stops and bountiful basecamps en route. It’s here where you get the chance to promote your products and help fuel our participants. 

We want our walkers, runners and cyclists to have nutritious drinks and snacks, with plenty of choices available.

Like the idea of promoting your brand for free? Read on!

Get your products in the right hands 

There’s no use in sampling to the wrong people. You’ll have a good idea of those that typically buy your product, and those you want to reach out to. 

With a wide-ranging demographic, from all kinds of different backgrounds, these events are the perfect platform to put your samples on show. We can tell you exactly who takes part, so you can check it’s going into the right hands. 

To the walker that wants a pick-me-up, the runner that needs some energy and the cyclist requiring a boost – here’s the chance to be the brand that they won’t forget. 

These people want fuel. Tasty fuel…

Promotion across our social media followers

As well as a prominent display on the day, you’ll get exposure to tens of thousands of our social media followers. 

We’ll share your product on Facebook and Twitter during the live event, and collect valuable marketing photos which we’ll then share for your use.

Start promoting your brand with us now, for no fee

If you provide the product, then we’ll provide the stage. We work on mutually beneficial partnerships, meaning we don’t charge you to put your samples out to our participants.

We’ve helped the likes of Perkier, Whitbread and Tunnocks grow their consumer base in a unique, engaging way. We can do exactly the same with you and even establish a more formal partnership together.

Get started now

If you’d like to test this for 2018 and supply food, snacks or drinks, then please get in touch at info@thresholdsports.co.uk. We can’t wait to hear from you.