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LAST UPDATED:04/08/2021

After a challenging year for the Mass Participation Events Industry we were incredibly grateful to welcome runners, joggers and walkers back onto the Threshold Trail Series in 2021.Throughout the series we incorporated a number of measures to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 amongst participants, crew and spectators.

For more information about our upcoming cycling events please click on the individual events below.

As we approach the launch of our Threshold Sports 2022 events, we wanted to let you know that we will be continuing to assess whether social distancing measures will be required on events taking place next year. At this stage, it is clearly too early to tell what will be required next year, but we will continue to keep all participants informed as we build up to the events.

Threshold Trail Series
Ride Across Britain
Sidley London Revolution
28 May-10July 2022
10-18 September 2022
1-2 October 2022
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