Show me the money 

The growth of social media and online giving has unlocked massive growth in charitable donations. But, this has led to fundraising fatigue as people are asked again and again for money. Add to this a cluttered challenge event market (you could do a triathlon every weekend of the year if you wanted) and you are left with charities and organizations still looking to fundraise but needing a different solution.

We create stand out events 

Threshold challenges embody the spirit of ‘breathless sightseeing’ and our mantra of More Is In You. They stand out in the market place. We get a thrill from delighting your people taking part in our arduous, multi-day challenges that provoke and over spill on fundraising.

Smart solutions

We employ smart people who know the charity and event sectors backwards. We’ll get alongside you and your objectives and make a comprehensive plan to deliver what you’re looking for. We’ll also be honest if we don’t think a Threshold event is going to nail the brief. You need solid advice and thorough thinking not silky salesmanship.