Viva La Revolution

Smart companies like Deloitte have woken up to making the work place more dynamic.  This revolution extends to the way employers approach the health and wellbeing of their people.  More proactive, preventative programmes are becoming the norm with the aim of reducing insurance premiums and encouraging better personal decision making about food, exercise and sleep. Threshold’s outdoor challenges are calendar moments that galvanise your people to change their habits for their better.  Better decisions, better health, more productive people.

Encouraging you every step of the way

We all need a helpful shove to start exercising.  Threshold take care of the whole process from launch to training programmes to branded kit to bags of encouragement.  Whether the event itself is a fearful moment of reckoning or a moment to celebrate the completion of all your training, the knock on benefits are hard to refute.

Lead the next generation

We get a real kick out of seeing you at the finish line.  The explosion of achievement and self-esteem make all the hard work worthwhile and it sends out a message about the culture and attitude of your organisation.  Google and their like are the sort of places the next generation of talent (so called millenials*) want to work.  A place where their employer cares about their well being and does tangible things about it.  It’s an old maxim for a young generation: actions speak louder than words.   

* From the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2015