Leaders aren’t made in a boardroom

The great outdoors provides a different lens through which to look at your people. Away from the screens and sparkling water, you can test for character traits that you need like attitude, team work, resilience and humour. We can design for all seniority and fitness levels whether they are internal leadership candidates or fresh recruits.

Build a dream team 

The most successful teams in the world engender a clear sense of purpose and a high level of care and respect for each other. You cannot manufacture this in meeting rooms. It is done by getting people out of their comfort zone, getting to know each other properly and overcoming adversity together. Then celebrating… hard.

We can work alongside your existing partners

We’re comfortable to slot our event canvas in with your existing leadership experts, HR teams or psychologists. We do it this way with SAB Miller & Cognosis. The latter provide the psychological aspects & leadership criteria and we put it to the test in an outdoor setting. The results are amazing.