Client: Sport Relief

Event: David Walliams vs The Thames

Brief: Sport Relief came to us with the challenge of getting David Walliams from one end of the Thames to the other. Running? Cycling? Nope. Swimming. The charity needed a strong level of support within the field of logistics as well as general event organisation to get him through such an epic challenge and we were asked to come on board to make it happen.

Response: After securing approval from the relevant authorities, we cracked on with a detailed logistics plan that included the route, swim schedule and stopping points along the river. During the live event Threshold supported Sport Relief’s team of BBC TV camera crews, photographers and fundraisers, giving them unrestricted access to film the challenge. This was also in the midst of controlling a water safety management team, lock crews and a river and land based operational team. At one point we were told we would need to keep him in a shark cage but after a bit of back and forth and reassurance we settled on a wetsuit. Successfully delivering David to Westminster was a very proud moment for all the team.


  • Record-breaking fundraising for Sport Relief of over £2.5 million.
  • Securing special dispensation for David to be the last person to legally be allowed to complete a swim of this kind in the Thames tidal section.