Client: Richard Whitehead and Scope & Sarcoma UK

Event: Richard Whitehead Runs Britain

Brief: Enable Gold medal winning Paralympian Richard Whitehead to become the first double amputee to run the length of Britain whilst raising funds for two charities close to his heart, Scope and Sarcoma UK.

Response: Threshold produced the full logistical and operational plans, developing everything from how much distance would be covered each day over how many days, to the route Richard would take. We also crewed and managed the live support team on the road.

Results: Richard’s determination and elite athletic ability saw him complete the event on time, arriving at Land’s End to cross the long dreamed of finish line. Despite a few hurdles along the way  which Threshold found solutions for including the sourcing of a hand cycle for Richard to use whilst injured during the event, Richard completed his challenge in the way that he’d always planned. Threshold were proud to be part of such an epic and emotionally charged event.