Client: SAB Miller

Event: Leadership Events

Chris Taylor is director of Global Brands (Peroni, Miller, Pilsner, Grolsch). Chris employs the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) as a development tool for his team of 40 reports spread across Asia, Europe and the USA. Chris briefed Threshold to devise a series of challenges to:

  • identify future leaders
  • foster cohesion & solidarity across a diverse, regional team
  • promote healthy living – GBT travel incessantly
  • create meaningful experiences to corroborate SAB’s values of continual improvement
  • test & build greater self-awareness of HBDI profiles


We created a series of team challenges in scenic locations close to SAB HQ. Tasks ranged from constructing flat pack furniture (with pieces missing to intensify the challenge) to mountain biking to checkpoints, to building a robust forest shelter. Individuals were closely monitored by Cognosis, who administers HBDI on behalf of SAB Miller, to validate profiles & monitor leadership behaviours.


  • Cognosis ratified 4 individuals as leadership fast track candidates
  • Participants felt an increased sense of pride, loyalty, togetherness within the organization*
  • Team dynamics improved markedly over the 4 year period with people using knowledge of each other’s HBDI profile to get things done more efficiently e.g. people indexing high in logic & rational gained knowledge of how to talk to people indexing high on people/visionary competencies

* as measured in the annual People Survey