Client: Vodafone

Event: Big Bike Challenge 2013

Brief: Vodafone approached Threshold to devise a fundraising event that would get their employees acting as advocates and key promotors for JustTextGiving by Vodafone. The event had to be challenging enough that people would be willing to donate, but remain accessible enough for all who might want to participate.

Response: Threshold designed the 300-mile ‘Vodafone Big Bike Challenge’. This challenge spanned over three days, and linked up various Vodafone offices around the country, enabling staff to get involved in a variety of ways. Riders were given 300, 100 and 35 mile options to choose from and static bike challenges took place in 9 different Vodafone sites and stores. Pre-event Threshold also managed the integration of Vodafone Ambassador Jenson Button; producing motivational video messaging and working on his schedule for the first day of the event.

Results: 280 staff took part in the ride with over 100 other staff participating in the static bike challenges or volunteering as marshal or general cheer squad support to the event.

  • Raised nearly £100,000 for multiple charities.
  • 99% of employees who participated claimed the event had encouraged them to talk about JustTextGiving to friends and family.
  • 98% of participants claimed that the challenge ‘enhanced their view of Vodafone’.
  • Clare Jones-Leake, Head of Giving Something Back at Vodafone said: “Threshold delivered the event to the highest of standards, and their passion and enthusiasm was plain to see. Having experienced their quality of delivery I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”