A few tips to get the most out of your #MoreIsInYou resistance band.

With many of us hunched over screens at home and spending countless hours sat in the same seat, we figured we could help offset some of the lockdown limitations for you, helping to keep you fit and healthy.

Introducing your #MoreIsInYou resistance band, the easiest and most effective piece of fitness equipment to use at home. Perfect for a full body stretch out, we’ve included a mix of exercises to follow, many of which can be done from your desk.

Before you begin

  • Hold each stretch for 15 seconds & complete 8-12 reps
  • Each stretch should feel good. If your muscles shake, you may be pushing too far

Upper back stretch

  • Maximise the full range of your upper body movement with this exercise, relieving the tension that builds up from being hunched over a screen
  • Sit on the floor with legs extended & the band looped around both feet
  • Cross the band & hold close to your feet
  • Gently curl your back, then stretch towards the back of the room
  • Top tip: Keep your core engaged & shoulders down

Shoulder floss

  • Another great exercise for maximising the full range of your upper body movement, which you can either sit or stand for
  • Grip the band at either end, stretching your arms out in front of you
  • Without bending your arms, gently lift the band up, over your head and then down behind your head as far down as comfortable
  • Slowly bring back up over your head and then down in front of you, before repeating
  • This is great for activating a full range of movement in your upper body
  • Top tip: Bring your grip in if wanting to push the stretch further

Chest press

  • Flexing more than just your chest muscles, this activates your shoulders and upper body too
  • Can be sat in a chair or cross-legged for this exercise
  • Position the band behind your back and then hold each end of it
  • Stretch both hands out in front of your chest, then return to starting position
  • Make sure you bring your shoulders right back when bringing the band in
  • Top tip: Shorten your grip for greater resistance

Side stretch

  • This one feels good! Really feel that range of motion as you reach round
  • Can be sat in a chair or cross-legged for this exercise
  • Grip the band at shoulder width apart
  • Hold onto one side of the band with your left hand & gently pull with your right hand, stretching the left side
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • Top tip: Keep your torso straight at all times


  • We all know these, now even better with a bit of resistance to it
  • Place both feet in the middle of the band (shoulder width apart) & grip each end
  • Slowly bend your knees into a squatting position
  • Return to starting position, before repeating
  • Top tip: Keep your head in a neutral position looking straight, with your lower back flat, chest up & shoulders back

Kneeling quad stretch

  • No need to hop on one leg for this one. A controlled version that still allows for a full stretch
  • Sit on the floor with your right leg bent in front of you & left leg bent behind you
  • Loop the band around the top of your left foot & grip the other end with your left hand
  • Gently pull your heel towards your glutes, hold & return to resting position before repeating on the opposite side
  • Top tip: Keep your stationary leg at a 90-degree angle

Seated calf press

  • A gem of a stretch & one that works really well in loosening a common ‘problem muscle’
  • Sit on a chair with your back straight
  • Grip both ends of the band & place one foot in the middle
  • Extend your leg & point your toes towards the ceiling
  • Point your toes forwards towards the floor, slowly repeating this foot movement
  • Repeat on opposite leg
  • Top tip: You should feel your calf stretch when pointing your toes forward

Leg press

  • A gentle stretch that primarily activates your quads
  • Sit on a chair with your back straight
  • Grip both ends of the band & place one foot in the middle
  • Bend your knee towards you, then straighten back out in front of you, keeping your arms and grip in the same position
  • Repeat on opposite leg
  • Top tip: Grip closer to your feet for greater resistance
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