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Strive Lapland with Big Change  

Big Change want to see a society where every young person is set up to thrive in life, not just exams. So that even in times of constant change, every child will feel emboldened to contribute positively to the world around them. 

The Strive Challenges are the charity’s way of engaging supporters and fundraising for their many worthwhile projects. Threshold Sports have been striving with Big Change for nine years, with 2023 being the most recent edition in Lapland.  

What did Threshold do?  

Earlier this year, we set off to Europe’s last great wilderness, Lapland, for our first winter Strive fundraising challenge.  

The Strive route, located approximately 300km above the Arctic Circle in the Great Fells of Finland, featured a forest with 500-year-old kelo trees, and included a visit to a 200-year-old traditional loggers cabin.  

Who took part and what were their highlights?  

  • 30 Strivers took on the fundraising challenge  
  • Snowshoeing through fairy-tale landscapes  
  • Winter biking through the pristine nature of the National Park 
  • Dog sledding in temperatures as low as -30C  
  • An ice half marathon through frozen lakes and deep forests  
  • Admiring the Northern Lights, and vast starry skies  

How did we do? 

The total amount raised for Big Change was a huge £235K. 


“Strive Lapland was a quintessential Arctic adventure, and an unforgettable experience for all involved. Our first ever winter Strive, it pushed people outside their comfort zones, while maintaining the vital feeling of safety, security, and enjoyment that Threshold’s team brings to everything they do. 

Thank you Threshold for being such a reliable, versatile and vital partner to Big Change and Strive over the past nine years. We couldn’t ask for a more strive-y crew. 

Freddie Morton-Hooper, Head of Community, Big Change 

Photograph Credit: Adam Slama 

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