New Partnership Options: Threshold Trail Series 2022

At Threshold we are busy planning our biggest ever season for 2022. The post-event boom in running and walking means the stage is set for one of the most exciting periods for UK events since 2012.  

  • Companies want new ways to bring their teams together in person 
  • Charities need to fill the fundraising gaps left by COVID  
  • Individuals are flocking back to real as opposed to virtual events 
  • Brands are investing in wellbeing and purposeful human experiences  

 We have seen the Trail Series grow from 800 people taking on the inaugural Race to the Stones to tens of thousands of people from around the world coming to these shores to test themselves against the stunning trails of the UK. 

Our partners underpin all the good things about the Trail Events. 

We have been enormously lucky to have had long-running partnerships with the likes of Dixons Carphone that have enabled us to grow these events into the world class challenges they are today.  

We are now excited to be able to offer a new range of partnerships for the 2022 season 

The extension of the series and investment in our team now enables us to offer a wider range of partner options than ever before including: 

  • Headline series partnership including naming rights 
  • Individual event partnerships including naming rights 
  • Multiple category opportunities such as sustainability, vehicle and wellbeing partners
  • Enhanced corporate team packages 

Why the Threshold Trail Series

  • National Reach: 4 iconic trails from Northumberland to the South Coast
  • Full marketing campaign: 9m+ branded impressions in 2020
  • Fundraising: £1.2m+ raised for charities each year
  • Accessible to all: 9,000+ taking part with a 50:50 gender split
  • Multi-award winning: Proven employee and client engagement platform
  • The nation’s favourite: 6 x golds at UK Running Awards

If you believe in the power of events to change lives, then please click here to find out more and drop us a line We would happily explain how companies like Heineken, Vodafone and adidas have used the Trail Series to drive their businesses forward and start exploring if there is a start-line in 2022 with your name (and brand) on it. 

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Nick Tuppen 

CEO Threshold Sports 

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