The mantra of Threshold Sports, More Is In You, is evident throughout every level of the company from its participants to partners and its employees. Those involved are constantly encouraged to push themselves and strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives. This approach is very appealing as it promotes a balanced working lifestyle, understanding the importance of health and wellbeing to encourage improved productivity and engagement.

The first six months of my placement at Threshold Sports have flown by. I clearly remember being thrown into the hustle and bustle of the events season with tight deadlines and little turnaround. Ultimately, this was the end product and I was getting to experience this straight away being handed responsibility. The event was eye-opening. I was based at Pit stop 6 during the live event which meant that I was exposed to all forms of hysteria across the weekend. Hearing those inspiring stories and seeing the joy in participants’ faces when they realise, they are one pit stop closer to completing this mammoth task. I continue to have significant admiration and pride for each and every person that crossed that start line and embarked on that challenge. This is the beauty of the events that Threshold put on, ALL are welcome to realise their potential.

The most memorable moment for me was on our Ride Across Britain event when I got talking to some lovely gentlemen about their experiences and their inspiring stories. These conversations were not uncommon and due to the reputation and status of Threshold events you could be talking to some very influential people. Everyone involved has collective values and a shared desire to succeed. The team at Threshold have these qualities in abundance and the longing to always provide world class events and experiences is ever-present.

Through working in the operations and logistics behind the live events I have gained an eye for detail and ensuring that work is completed to the best of my ability. This directly impacts the live event and thus, the participants’ experience which comes with a weighty level of responsibility. Skills including dealing with suppliers, contracts, accounting and computer software have also been harnessed throughout my time at Threshold and will continue to serve me well in my future career. Threshold also have a substantial programme of training mapped out for across the year. This enables employees to develop and refine the skills required to succeed in their role.

I am certainly looking forward to continuing to develop my skillset as we head into the events season once again! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Threshold and have had the opportunity to learn, develop and immerse myself in the culture and become part of this community. From The Threshold Sports Run Club to Hot Cross Bundays and an almost weekly Brighton Pub Crawl there is plenty to do and get involved with plus we are by the beach!

By Adam Long


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