I’m Heather, a sports management student at Loughborough University, and I’m just over half way through my placement with Threshold. I have absolutely loved my time at Threshold, largely due to the incredibly supportive, kind, and fun people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

I saw the advertisement for this placement, and immediately thought how much I liked the sound of the company and the work they do. The further I’ve got into the year, the more and more I realised how much I’ve wanted to be part of the incredible team who create and deliver the events, where every person is genuinely enthused by their work and the results they achieve. Every time I meet someone, I’m struck by their positivity and willingness to include me and help me learn.

On my first event back in July I experienced the most amazing team camaraderie where everyone was there for the good of each other. I saw love, joy, commitment, achievement and people ‘digging deep’ to push themselves to their full potential, both our participants and crew. I was particularly struck by all the volunteers who seemed equally embraced as the full-time members of staff and carried such a positive energy with everything they did.

I have learnt more than I thought I could in such a short space of time throughout my year at Threshold. Being in a totally different environment from University has helped me develop in so many ways such as with problem-solving, interpersonal skills, different types of deadlines, and of course, thinking on the spot! I look forward to applying all this into my future University work and my career afterwards as my confidence and ability have progressed in so many ways.

I’m so excited for the rest of my year at Threshold and to get onto more of our live events. I’ll take away a ‘can-do’ attitude from this placement and will see any future difficulties as a positive challenge.

Roll on event season!


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