DHL Hub to Hub Ride


On your bike!

DHL International wanted to celebrate the opening of their new hub at East Midlands airport by swapping their usual haulage vehicles with bikes and challenging 32 employees to cycle 154 miles over two days from East Midlands to their other major hub at London Heathrow.

What did Threshold recommend?

Threshold devised the full route, managed participants, all pre-event communications and provided a full support team, including cycling chaperones, for the challengers throughout the route. Pit-stops were fully stocked with food and drink to keep the riders fuelled. On arrival at DHL International Heathrow Hub, the cyclists were met with a large cheering crowd who waved them in across the finish line.

Who took part?

  • 32 cyclists ranging in ability

How did we do?

The route, whilst challenging, offered people of all abilities the opportunity to experience another part of the country with their colleagues. Helping most of them achieved distances that they had never done before!

The crowd at the finishing line cheering the riders as they crossed the line gave a warm touch, as did the celebrity visit from Filbert the Fox to leverage DHL International’s partnership with LCFC.


‘Thanks again for everything. I really appreciate the professional and friendly support from minute one. Everything was great from my point of view and I frankly never heard any negative words from anyone during the whole two days…apart of course towards poor old Rory and his route plan (but who told anyone you could ride 155 miles without the odd hump to get over!)”, Richard Cook, Director of Fleet, DHL International.

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