PUMA Forever Faster Cup 2023

The world-renowned footwear, apparel and accessories brand PUMA approached Threshold to unlock a new era of PUMA supporters through a live event whilst showcasing their latest Forever Faster shoe range.

What did Threshold do?

Together we created the “PUMA Forever Faster Cup”. A first of its kind, mixed gender and mixed distance relay designed to engage and encourage the competitiveness between Leeds Beckett and the University of Leeds, the two major universities of Leeds.

What did Threshold recommend?

To ensure the PUMA Forever Faster brand messaging was paraded in full effect all athletes involved received an authentic and premium PUMA experience. The 10,000-meter relay not only showcased the latest PUMA range but also the sporting communities of the universities who took part.

How it looked?

The event successfully cultivated the competitive fervour between the two universities but also had an atmosphere of inclusivity as well as being an enjoyable spectator race.

The high-energy ambience of the event was well facilitated with students and friends from both universities who took over the in-field with the help of food, beverages, pyrotechnics, and music.

How did we do it?

  • Teams comprised of ten students from each university, with each featuring a balanced gender distribution of five male and five female. With the 10,000-meter relay split into 23 legs to accommodate for all runners.
  • The spectator experience was also key and aided the vibrant sports event atmosphere. This was done through the event hospitality and an exciting fast-paced race format.
  • Over 500 runners and spectators participated in the PUMA Forever Faster Cup, bringing both university communities together and growing affinity towards PUMA as a brand.
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