Multi award-winning endurance challenges, with market leading fundraising

3 simple options to choose from

We enable charities to maximise their fundraising and supporter engagement, by working together across our public portfolio of multi award-winning endurance challenges. Hundreds of UK charities of all sizes benefit from our events, with over £2 million raised in 2022 across our event portfolio.



Participating Charities

Participating Charity Partnerships available on our Threshold Public portfolio.

This model is zero risk, meaning you only pay for those fundraising for you, without any pre-purchasing of places needed.

Choose individual events to promote on your own channels, or offer the full portfolio to ensure your supporters have a range of consistent, high-quality event options.


Gold Charities

Become one of only 8 Gold Charities on any public Threshold event and benefit from the increased exposure this brings. Perfect for charities looking to build their profile and to significantly drive their fundraising return from events.

Working closely with a dedicated account manager, you’ll enjoy online and live event partner rights designed to drive recruitment and awareness. 2024 Gold Charity Places are now available, so get in touch to discuss this great opportunity!


Title Charity

Our events often have corporate sponsors, who elect a Title Charity as the main benefactor. They enjoy maximum exposure pre and live event, usually with the company’s full support and large fundraising pledge.

The opportunity here is to connect one of your partners to the event, elevating yourselves to Title Charity. There are a number of benefits to the company, from brand building to employee engagement.

If you have a partner you feel would be a great fit, or perhaps you’d just like to learn more about how we can approach businesses together, then please do get in touch.

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